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Digital Entrepreneur Tech Skills Mastery

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Digital Entrepreneur Tech Skills Mastery

Product Description

Social Media Bootcamp: How To Be A Pro Social Media Manage

  • How to create an effective social media strategy for clients
  • How to measure & monitor social media metrics to hit client-specific goals
  • Setting up your social media management workflow (including our fave scheduling platforms!)
  • The ins & outs of managing Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook for clients like a pro!

Become A Web Designer: How To Build Stunning Websites That Convert

  • Introduction to Website Design for Newbies: from theory, layout principles, key elements & more!
  • How to design a WordPress website from start to finish: from tech setup, themes, plugins, designing pages, mobile optimization, building a blog & more

Blog Management: How To Effectively Manage A WordPress Blog

  • How to setup and manage a blog in WordPress

  • The essential elements to blog management: from SEO best practices to image optimization

  • How to effectively utilize blog posts to complement your social media strategy

Email Marketing Bootcamp: How To Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

  • An introduction to email marketing: from best practices to the ins & outs of the best platforms
  • How to run a successful email marketing campaign (plus, proven strategies!)
  • How to setup and manage email marketing campaigns for clients
  • How to integrate email opt-in forms on your website to capture subscribers

Sales Page Secrets: How To Create Sales Pages That Convert

  • An introduction to creating landing pages: including best practices, key elements and top platforms
  • The ins & outs of integrating checkout pages & payment gateways to accept payments!
  • How to setup landing pages for free offers to collect subscribers (& grow your client's email list!)

Webinar Bootcamp: How To Setup & Schedule Online Webinars

  • An overview of online webinars & workshops: including tech setup and the top platforms to use
  • How to easily configure online webinars & workshops for clients
  • How to build a "webinar funnel" to get people registered for online webinars

How To Setup & Manage Online Booking Calendars

  • The ins & outs of online booking calendars: what they are, how to use them & why they're so effective
  • How to setup video conferencing, and integrate online booking calendars for online programs

You Go Glen Coco: Unlock Your Secret Module!

  • OMG, girl! Once you complete the entire course, you can take our short evaluation quiz to measure your knowledge in the course
  • Then unlock the secret module for even¬†more¬†valuable course goodies to up your tech game!


Looking for feedback on your course projects? Have a tech question or need business advice? Our Community Ignitors are experts who are available to provide you support inside our private student communities Monday through Friday!


  • Your solid support system of like-minded tech babes to cheer you on every step of the way
  • Share your mini projects and portfolio projects for advice and feedback from other students and our Community Ignitors
  • Connect with past and current students around the world to share tech advice, tips, tricks and tools!

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Digital Entrepreneur Tech Skills Mastery

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